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Meet the team! Here at the Bay of Bengal we try our best to put together a team thats not only family but also masters in their own areas of expertise, from the head chef to the bar manager. Our chefs have had over 40 years of experience combined and not only are they masters of their cooking but they are consistant in what they do. The front of house staff are very polite and will always be happy to help with your needs.


Hi my name is Soju Miah and i have been working as a head chef for 20 years, starting from london Dhaka Brasserie in Oxford street, which i learnt a lot as being in the busiest street in the uk. Few years later i moved to portsmouth and i started working with a family member at their takeaway in fareham, i worked in fareham for 14 years and have always wanted to open my own restaurant and takeaway, i have always had an idea to offer quality food and service with the help of my 3 sons, who help run the front of house. I take pride in my cooking offering a wide range of dishes that not only is traditional but a home cook taste, which will send you to my motherland.



Hi my name is Rubel Miah and i am the restaurant manager at the Bay of Bengal. I have always been a people person, always interacting with customers and helping them when they need any help, whether its choosing a dish or any enquiries, i enjoy seeing people happy after a meal and always engage in lighting up the mood,. To me a happy well lit atmosphere is where everyone wants to be, and friday saturday night Bay of Bengal is the place to be.


Hi my name is Ruhel Miah and i am the bar manager at the Bay of Bengal i make sure that at the Bay of Bengal the beverages are as good as the food, bringing new and exciting beers and ciders that youve never tried, to even indian wine that'll spicen up your taste buds and palette. At the Bay of Bengal not only the food and service is key but also the drinks, to ensure that our customers are satisfied with the extras that brighten up your evening.

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